Children’s Liturgy of the Word – CLW


What is Children’s Liturgy of the Word?

It is a worship experience offered to children in 1st-4th grades that adapts the scripture readings from Sunday’s Mass to a way that children may more easily comprehend the deep meaning of God’s Word.

When is it?

It is held during the 11:00am Mass every Sunday from Sept.-May (with the exception of Christmas and Easter Sundays).   CLW begins the first Sunday, after Labor Day.

The children are called up to the front of the church after the opening prayer to be dismissed for CLW and return during the offertory.

Keep in mind…

This is still Liturgy. The children need to be reverent in behavior and understand they are still at Mass. It is a way to enable children to participate in the formal worship experience of the community. Younger children are welcome in the nursery program offered during the 11:00 Mass.

    Please encourage your 1st—4th grader to attend!

 Jesus said.  “Let the little children come to me…” (Mark 10:14)