The Synod for Synodality

The Journey to Synodality is Ongoing:  In early 2022, Approximately 40 parishioners participated in listening sessions, where they gave their input on several questions provided by the Diocesan Synod Team.  The feedback from our participants was summarized and submitted to the Diocese in a report. This report was shared with the parish previously, but bears taking another look at. Our Pastoral Council has been covering the parish responses one section at a time in their meetings and wish to have all parishioners take a closer look. We are covering one of the four Core Questions and the parish responses each week in the bulletin.

Our parish report, along with the reports of 80+ parishes were summarized by the Diocesan Synod Team into a Diocesan Report submitted to the Bishop. Not long ago, our Youth Group held their own listening sessions to express their thoughts on Catholic life.

Complete Parish, Diocesan, and Youth reports can be viewed/printed at the links below:

Holy Family Parish Synod Report

Diocesan Synod Report

Holy Family Youth/Student Report