Ministers’ Schedule

Thank you for your participation in the liturgical ministries here at Holy Family.  Your interest and willingness to offer your time and talent is appreciated. If for some reason you are unable to serve on an assigned date, please find a substitute. A list of ministers with phone numbers is available in the minister’s sacristy for your reference.

Out of respect for the Eucharist and the liturgy, please dress appropriately when you are ministering. Thank you

December 2023

December Ministers Schedule – All Weeks

December 2/3

Dec. 8(Holy Day) and Dec. 9/10

Dec. 16/17

Dec. 23/24(4th Week of Advent and Christmas Eve)

Dec. 25(Christmas Day) and Dec. 30/31(Holy Family Sunday and May Mother of God-NY Eve) and Jan 1(Mary mother of God-NY Day)


New information for Eucharistic Ministers (EM)

Current minister assignments have been sent out.  Extra copies of the Schedule and Minister List are available in the Ministers Sacristy. If you are unable to serve please find a replacement from the Minister List. If you have any questions, please contact the parish office at 616-887-8222

An examen for liturgical ministers