Ministers’ Schedule

Thank you for your participation in the liturgical ministries here at Holy Family.  Your interest and willingness to offer your time and talent is appreciated. If for some reason you are unable to serve on an assigned date, please find a substitute. A list of ministers with phone numbers is available in the minister’s sacristy for your reference.

March 2020 – All Masses SUSPENDED

April 2020

April 4/5 (Palm Sunday) –Masses suspended. View online Mass here

The following Masses are TENTATIVE. Ministers have been schedule in case the suspensions are lifted. Please check on all Mass & Event statuses before coming to the church.

April 9, 10 & 11/12 (Holy Week & Easter)

April 18/19

April 25/26


Although Masses are suspended through April 5, 2020 (Palm Sunday) , the Minister Assignments for April will be distributed, in the event that the Mass suspension is lifted.  For those who opt to pick them up from the sacristy. Please check the file box so there are no missed assignments. Extra printed copies of the entire schedule are also available in the ministers’ sacristy. If you have any questions, please contact the parish office at 616-887-8222

An examen for liturgical ministers