Dispensation Ends-Rel. Ed. Classes Resume In-Person

Bishop Walkowiak invites all Catholics who are healthy and able to return to Mass this Lent.

With good results from parishes adhering to the diocesan COVID-19 mitigation strategies, Bishop Walkowiak has now ended the dispensation from the
obligation to attend Mass for all Catholics able to return. Individuals with health issues or other excusing factors are dispensed until further notice. All baptized
Catholics are reminded of their obligation to keep the Lord’s Day Holy. Bishop’s letter 2-12-1

Holy Family will continue to observe all safety guidelines that are already in place at the parish. These include: Requiring masks to be properly worn inside
at all times, maintaining social distance between households, and using a registration/sign in process to assure seating and aid with contact tracing, and
requesting that if you’re feeling sick, you refrain from coming to church until feeling better.

*Questions you may have:
What happens if more people show up than we can accommodate?
We will continue to use sign-ups to help ensure individuals have a seat when coming to
Mass. If the faithful make a good faith effort by showing up to Mass only to be turned away
due to capacity having been reached they are dispensed from their Sunday obligation.

Can I fulfill my Sunday Obligation by attending a weekday Mass?
A Catholic’s Sunday obligation may only be fulfilled by attending Mass on Saturday
evening or Sunday. Individuals who are legitimately unable to participate in Mass during
that period are dispensed from their obligation and not bound to attend on another day of
the week.
Nonetheless, while participation in a weekday Mass cannot fulfill an individual’s Sunday
obligation, it would be commendable for individuals turned away for capacity reasons to
attend Mass during the week in order to be nourished by the celebration of the Eucharist
in the parish community.
*These and other FAQ’s can be found on the Diocese of G.R.’s COVID-19 response page

“During the season of Lent participation in an additional weekday Mass or Adoration is a valuable spiritual practice”. – Msgr. Terry

Religious Education Classes resume gathering in person.

Religious Education to resume in-person classes! The bishop will allow for parishes to resume in-person classes for religious

Our Religious Education Classes will resume gathering on:

Wednesday, February 24th: 1st-6th grades from 5:30-7:00pm
Sunday, February 28th: 8th grade from 12:15-1:45pm
See 2-19-21 email to Rel. Ed. families

At this time, gatherings for adult faith formation, parish meetings and other non-liturgical
activities remain suspended through March