Parish Directives for Public Mass

We are glad to be back celebrating Mass together! Please see how we are working through the diocesan directives here at the parish. We appreciate your cooperation to make our liturgies joyful and SAFE!

Before anything else, we would like to remind you that the dispensation to attend Mass on Sunday is still in effect. People who are not comfortable to come because of dangers of being exposed to the virus are dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass. Anyone who is sick or suspects symptoms of the virus are not to attend public Mass. Live streaming of the Mass from the Cathedral will continue to be available on the GR Diocese website.

Mass Schedules and Sign Up 

For now, attendance will be limited to a total of 50 people each Mass including the ministers.  It may not be possible for you to attend with regularity or at your preferred mass time. Because the Sunday obligation has been dispensed, people are encouraged to take advantage of weekday Masses if possible.

Please use the online sign-up Genius forms below  to make a reservation or call the parish office (887-8222) if you do not have internet access.  Please reserve a spot for each family member.

Sign up for June 30- July 12

For now, please sign up for only one weekend mass per two-week period to leave spaces for everyone. People without a reserved spot may be turned away when capacity is reached.

Masks/Face Coverings will be required. Everyone, including children two and older, will need to bring and wear their own appropriate face covering to attend Mass.

Entrance to the church and seating – Social Distancing MUST occur.

  • There will only be one door to the Narthex open to help keep track of attendees with reservations as they enter. Please be patient as people are coming in and do not crowd. No one will be allowed in after Mass starts.
  • Please follow the guidance of any usher or posted sign.
  • Every other pew is roped off to maintain distance. Couples and families in the same household may sit together. All others should remain 6 feet away in every direction and situate yourself on the clearly marked spots.
  • Parishioners are asked to avoid congregating in entry ways before and after Mass and should be mindful of social distancing in narrow hallways, bathroom entrances, etc.

Liturgical Differences

  • Physical greetings/shaking hands during the Sign of Peace/ joining hands during the Lord’s Prayer will be omitted.
  • Singing will be simplified, and some sung responses may be spoken. Hymnals and missalettes have been removed to avoid being handled and to make sanitizing easier between Masses.
  • One row of pews will be dismissed for Holy Communion at a time. Please keep to the taped markings on the floor as you approach the altar to stay six feet apart.
  • Temporary suspension of the distribution of the Precious Blood remains in effect. Holy Communion may not be received in the hand if you are wearing gloves.
  • The faithful keep their face covering in place while approaching in procession. At an identified position marked 6 feet from the minister, they should respond “Amen” and remove their face covering before coming forward for Holy Communion. Their face covering should be placed back on their face before proceeding to their seat.
  • Ministers will sanitize their hands immediately before and after distributing Holy Communion. If the minister touches a communicant’s hand or tongue, they will need to stop distributing, wash/sanitize hands before continuing.

Extra Sanitization Practices Implemented.

Ushers or a group of volunteers will be wiping down/sanitizing frequently touched surfaces between Masses. Hand sanitizer will be available for parishioner use, but you are encouraged to bring your own hand sanitizer.

 This is a lot to take in. We ask for your patience and cooperation. We have all made many sacrifices over the last several weeks to benefit the common good, let’s   not have those efforts be in vain if we rush this process or look for ways around the regulations. We will make any additional adjustments if we see the need for them. But for now, this is the plan.

The Holy Spirit is with us, let us be aware of His presence as together we go through this challenging time.