End Dismemberment Abortion Petition

End Dismemberment Abortion! Petition signing after all Masses on RESPECT LIFE Sunday, Oct. 5/6.  Working together, Michigan citizens can ban the inhumane procedure known as dismemberment abortion (commonly called D & E).

Michigan’s Constitution allows the people to initiate legislation through a petition drive. Currently, the Catholic Church, Right to Life of Michigan, and other pro-life individuals are collecting petition signatures for legislation to amend the state’s partial-birth abortion ban to include a ban on dismemberment abortion. This approach is needed as the language cannot be vetoed by  Governor Whitmer. Learn how you can get involved at www.micatholic.org/MichiganValuesLife/.

Please sign only the “Michigan Values Life” petition effort as it will be effective in adding the language to ban 2nd trimester dismemberment abortions to the already partial-birth abortion ban that is in place in our state legislature. There is a second petition effort under the name of “Michigan Heartbeat Coalition” that, while honorable, may actually reverse the abortion ban already in place.