December Blood Drive Results

Thank you to all who donated or tried to donate blood!

Drive Summary:

Projected:           19

Registered:         25

Deferred:            3

Collected:            22

FTD:            1

Impact:   Because each individual donation can save up to 3 separate lives, 66 Michigan lives will potentially be saved due to your efforts at this blood drive!

We couldn’t do it without great organizations like yours who consistently make it possible for your community to support our life saving mission.

In 2017 you collected 128 units of blood– up from 82 in 2016- which allowed you to save the lives of 384 friends, family and neighbors– an additional 138 lives!!!  You all should be very proud of the strides you have made in growing your blood drive and saving lives within your community.

Donor Gallon Milestones:

JAKE MEYERS                                     1 gal

LINDA SZUMSKI                                2 gal

LEONARD CLARK                              3 gal

MARGARET BITELY                          4 gal

First Time Donors: